Veteran Owned and Small Business Funding Done the Right Way!

Veteran Owned and Small Business Focused

We understand how service in the U.S. military provides Veterans with the skills necessary to be successful entrepreneurs. Our mission is to fund and guide Veteran ventures towards self-sustaining and successful businesses.

Our Process

Meet with our team

Create a business plan

Get funded

Work with our team to build and grow your business!

We invest in businesses from every industry

We don’t look for one specific industry to invest in or a specific type of entrepreneur. We invest more in the person than we do in the idea. Passion and perseverance are the primary skills we look for when considering an investment.

Why Us?

Because we’ve been there too. We aren’t some venture capitalist or private equity partner who takes others money to invest. We started our own businesses that led to successful exits and now we want to help Veterans and other small business entrepreneurs do the same.

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